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Uraufführung von Peca Stefan

Premiere: Nationaltheater Temeswar (Sala 2) - 07.09.14; Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Studio) 03.10.14

Regie: Malte C. Lachmann; Bühne/Kostüme: Anna van Leen; Video: Lucian Matei; Dramaturgie: Michael Gmaj; Regieassistenz: Eric Nikodym

Besetzung: Sophia Löffler, Sabina Bijan, Jan Andreesen, Colin Buzoianu

The political implications of active ageing is the theme to be explored by the Romanian National Theatre Timisoara and the Badisches Staatstheater in Karlsruhe. While Germany's ageing voters will have the most voting control in the country, Romania’s youth are eager to have their voices heard through the political mechanisms that will soon have to be handed over from the ageing powers that were in control. So within the EU there may be two counter movements — a youth bulge versus a senior citizen bulge. Young, award-winning Romanian playwright, Peca Stefan, will conduct extensive research in both cities and countries, which are linked on a political and cultural level via a 20 year old partnership. Peca Stefan will work with dramaturges from both countries and a German theatre director nominated by the Badisches Staatstheater to create a new play to be staged in both theatres with a mixed cast of both theatres, which will also involve the audience – the voters – in experimental forms.

(Quelle: ETC)

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